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Stay Connected with Personal Security and Emergency Response Devices

Experience the comfort and reassurance of knowing your life is safe and secure from would-be attackers with personal security at the touch of a button. Chappelle Enterprises in Coquille, Oregon, offers integrated panic alarm systems and security monitoring devices so you are never alone in critical times of need. Do not risk the chance of being away from the phone when you are in an emergency situation. Dave's personal emergency response devices ensure you always have a way to reach the authorities. For your security, all data collected is shared with active law enforcement officials. Monitoring is easily given to authorities on site or via Skype™. Choose the security monitoring devices that work best for you. The wristwatch is $275, and the necklace starts at just $175. For extra protection, choose the optional monitoring services for just $45 per month.

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Choose Extra Protection with One-Touch Security Monitoring Devices

Integrated security and monitoring devices make it easy for authorities to respond in critical times of need. Unlike many competitors, Dave Chappelle has developed security solutions that feature limitless distance and geo-fencing options that allow you to program a safety area that alerts you when loved ones go outside of the area. This is ideal for Alzheimer's patients and children. The wristwatch emergency device is programmed to call up to 5 speed-dial numbers of your choice. It also has the ability to add 10 additional numbers. The necklace emergency response device is programmed to call anyone you want in the event of an emergency but only stores one phone number. Both are GPS-enabled and allow you to communicate with staff when dispatching authorities.

Control Access with Customized Identification Cards

Here at Chappelle Enterprises, Dave designs and manufactures ISO 9000-certified identification cards at an affordable rate. Starting at just $5 per card, you can have high-quality ID cards with photos and credentials that are perfect for any business or municipal office.